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Cletus Fernandez, EA, LTC
Enrolled Agent,
Licensed Tax Consultant.

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Business Associates Inc can help with all your accounting needs on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. We deliver these services listed below.

Business Associate Inc will provide timely, efficient bookkeeping services for all kinds of businesses. Financial statements are prepared, and presented for client review on a quarterly, monthly and annual basis. Budgeting and forecasting support are also available. We support most major accounting programs including QuickBooks.

Accounting Services:

  • Prepare General Ledger
  • Cash Flow Forecast
  • Financial Planning
  • Preparation of Financial Statements
  • Journal Entries
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Depreciation Schedules
  • Accounting Software Help
  • Business Planning
  • New Business Formation
  • QuickBooks Setup
  • Preparation of Financial Statements
    Preparation of Financial Statement for small businesses is our main service. Depends on the client's needs, monthly, quarterly and yearly balance sheet and detailed operating statements and cash flow statements can be prepared by our expert accountants and analyzed on a timely basis. The special accounting software used in our office can provide helpful comparisons and calculations for effective, timely practical business analysis.
    Payroll Services
    We provide full payroll services for small businesses. Attempting to do payroll on your own for your small business could put you at risk of facing IRS penalties and fines, late tax filings, and unhappy employees. A payroll services allows you to simply enter your employees basic hours and wages, and the filings, calculations, forms and other headaches are taken care of for you.
  • Payroll and Tax Checks
  • Payroll Tax Reporting
  • Payroll Check Register
  • Check Runs
  • Employee Earnings Summary
  • Federal and State Quarterly Returns
  • Federal and State Unemployment
  • Wage Reports
  • W2's and W3's
  • 1099's and 1096's
  • Federal 940
  • New hire reporting for state
  • Process and file responses to unemployment claims
  • Worker's comp reports
  • Completed Form W4 and I9 for each current and new employee hired
    (Click here to download Form W4)
    (Click here to download Form I9)
    Review General Ledger
    The general ledger is the center and foundation of your company's financial records. These constitute the essential book of records of your company, and every transaction flows through the general ledger. These records remain as a permanent track of the history of all financial transactions from the start of the company. The two primary financial documents of any company are their balance sheet and the profit and loss statement, and both of these are drawn directly from the company's general ledger.
    Financial/Business Planning
    If planning for retirement or for a child's college education, financial planning is the cornerstone for meeting your goal. We help individual and business clients with a full array of planning tools. Our planning also incorporates tax planning. If you are a new business seeking business startup assistance or an existing business needing restructuring or better service we are here to help you.
    Bank Reconciliations
    Bank reconciliation allows businesses to compare your account records to the bank's records of your account balance in order to uncover any possible discrepancies. Because most companies write hundreds of checks each month and make many deposits, reconciling the amounts on the business's books with the amounts on the bank statement can be time consuming. The process is complicated because some items appear in the business's Cash account in one month, but appear on the bank statement in a different month. Our expert accountants will reconcile your accounts and notify the discrepancies on a timely manner.
    Depreciation Schedules
    We will prepare the depreciation and amortization schedule for all capital assets for your business to calculate the correct deductions for the appropriate period.
    Accounting Software Help
    We provide several accounting and payroll software help for the small businesses, including QuickBooks.
    New Business Formation
    We will help to register your business, obtain federal and state ID and to create a business plan. We also provide the budget forecasting for three to five years, free business consulting, Tax planning and Software help for any new business.
    QuickBooks Setup
    We provide several accounting and payroll software help for the small businesses, including QuickBooks.
    Accounting Software Help
    We also have QuickBooks services and if you have a problem with your QuickBooks call us. We are a certified QuickBooks Pro.
  • Install QuickBooks
  • Set Up
  • Transfer Data from older versions of QuickBooks
  • Set up Chart of Accounts
  • Set Up Employee Payroll information
  • Help to create Payroll reports